Web Development

Long after its appearance as a keyword, Web2.0 has been provided with many charismatic services worldwide. Subsequently, it receives plenty of information from companies and individuals. Many Internet users use representative retrieval servers like Google and Yahoo, but it's still hard for them to obtain accurate information expected. Therefore, an important task comes into our sight: How to achieve simply arrangement and accurate display for the information sent by individuals and companies. Based on the modeling technologies cultivated through long years of experience, Technologic Arts helps to achieve the architecture for accurate site information.

Quality of Information

Thanks to the network revolution, anyone can simply send a message worldwide. Through tools like "Blog", people can also contact each other easily. Although so many convenient servers are provided, the network also contains wrong information, and the proliferation of information is hard to deal with. The Internet is a place where good and bad mix together.

Meanwhile, the view of network users changes greatly. They focus on not only getting the information as soon as possible, but also the understandability and reliability of the information, i.e. "information quality".

Therefore, the website becomes a powerful marketing tool for companies. The better website quality, the more important it will become. If we send information without arrangement, we would not be able to attract customers' interest, and even the company's credibility would be questioned.

Information Architecture

In recent years, according to the books of L.Rosenfeld and the others website information constituted theoretically is usually called the "information architecture". And the people who carry out this kind of work is called "information architect". Actual application method varies according to different information architects. The method adopted by L.Rosenfeld and his fellows: As shown in Figure 1, obtain information from four aspects and then build the websites theoretically. This method provides other architects with good guidance.

Figure 1: The main four aspects constituting the information architecture

In Technologic Arts, our employees can well understand the above method. At the same time, we realize our information architecture with the technical methods gained through years of experience in modeling business.

Solutions to Other Web Development

Web System Development

Our company participates in not only the information architecture design, but also the system development of supporting website and introduction of CMS (content management system). What's more, many practical achievements are made here not only in the website for network user, but also in business web system development, especially short-time development, carry out the Agile Software Development and the development use Ruby on Rails. According to customers' needs, development methodology and project system are proposed flexibly.

Web Directory Production

Since the website attracts more and more attention, size and quantity of websites continue to grow large. A large number of web pages are produced rapidly, so a systematic production method must be provided. Technologic Arts import templates and css approach for large-scale web page production.

Import of Search Engine within the Website

We conduct import and customization of open source search engine for small-scale and medium-scale websites, which correspond to Linux Explorer, Windows Explorer and Solaris Browser.

Future-oriented Web Page

In the future, the demand for web pages may become increasingly high. Web pages do not belong to IT workers only. We can even say that it has become one of the most important social infrastructures. In such an era represented by Semantic Web vision, the value of web pages, especially the value of information, grows higher and higher. In order to improve your site value and commercial value, please allow Tech-arts to help you.


Technologic Arts Incorporated, web site construction of everybody, and conduct your support of information architecture design.

In addition, I available upon the development of the background system of web site, introduction of CMS (content management system), the introduction of Site Search, as well as web content production.


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