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Since the establishment, our Company has been trying to acquire latest technology-related information as early as possible, dedicating itself to knowledge sharing through trainings, and continuously promoting the system development which can rapidly respond to customer needs. In the future, we will remain the same working ideal and further improve the competence of our staff to achieve customers' satisfaction. In the aspect of system development with "UML" and "Agile Software Development", we shall strive to become the "Number One" in Japan.

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Approximately 80% of our Company's employees are not graduates from universities, neither are they limited to IT background. Our company gathers in a variety of talents who are engaged in system development and have extensive experience from different industries. What's more, most of our employees share three characteristics, i.e. "having their own ideas," "longing for latest technologies", "knowing their competence". In fact, these are the standards for our company to seek talents.

Personnel assessment of the Company does not refer to the senior system, educational background or age. In short, we are eager to seek motivated employees, and all our staff shall be looking forward to your arrival.

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