Service Overview

"While practicing agile development, it is hard to feel and give full play to its advantages."

Is there such trouble?
The three comprehensive services provided by our Company will solve these problems.


Deepen developers' understanding towards agile development and improve their competence with rich training menu of strong practicalness.[ Details ]


Deepen developers' understanding towards agile development and then better improve the development process through group trainings. The consultancy can provide assistance. [ Details ]

System Development

Accept low-cost and high-quality system development business.[ Details ]

Why Choose Technologic Arts

Latest, Fastest and Richest Information

  • Pay earliest attention to agile development. Many books have been published based on the information obtained.
  • Communicate with principal members of Agile Alliance and conduct active information exchange.
  • Through technical cooperation with ThoughtWorks Company, which walks in the forefront of agile development, we are able to acquire the latest information and high-level technical knowledge.

Effective Technologies Gained in Practice

  • Form independent panels of agile development, which practice all kinds of knowledge on agile development site. The focus is on practical knowledge reserves.


According to regular information exchange and rich development experience training and consulting provided by our company are always the most practical and cutting-edge.
We believe that the competence of developers and their understanding towards agile development can be strengthened through training , and that the development process can be improved through consulting , thus finally solving the problems like "While practicing agile development, it is hard to feel and give full play to its advantages."

Actual Results Presentation

Case Introduction

Introduce part of cases of our Company in agile development.[ Details ]

Author & Translator of Books

In order to grasp the latest technology and facilitate technology exchange, our technical staffs always serve as the authors & translators of related books
Our company's technical staffs are responsible for the compilation and translation of Agile-related books are here


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