Technologic Arts takes "Respond to users' demand with the most advanced technologies" as its slogan, unique UML / model-driven development methodology as its weapon to guide the system development into the right track.



Based on knowledge and skills accumulated by modeling expert group, our Company provides a comprehensive solution to "the adoption of modeling", achieving systems with strong conservatism and high reusability.


Agile Software Development

With the help of agile program, we can meet the frequently-changing needs through the most advanced technologies, thus achieving high quality in short-term production. In addition, we provide a variety of training and consultation services.


Global Cooperation

We will cooperate with a number of powerful oversea partners to provide you with high level development process in the aspect of UML, software measurement, etc.


Cooperation with ThoughtWorks

Agile Software Development and Global Offshore Development (carried out in 20 countries around the world) of ThoughtWorks are cutting-edge throughout the world. Technologic Arts will cooperate with ThoughtWorks in the form of agency, bringing the most advanced technologies of ThoughtWorks to Japan.