UML / Modeling

Modeling is to organize and show (visualize) some object. In system development, business/need/system construction and other modeling are indispensable. If these efforts are insufficiency, it is impossible to build a system which can make the customer highly satisfied. As the professional work of system customers is becoming more and more complicated, the system is becoming more and more complicated year by year and modeling is becoming more and more important.

UML(Unified Modeling Language)

The results of the modeling- models must be showed in some way. This high-profile standard method is UML. UML is becoming more and more popular all over the world; also, it has been registered in ISO. As it were, this method is in reality as well in name the “World class standard”. Our company has made great achievements in UML related consulting, training and seminar as well as other aspects.

Component modeling

In order to construct systems with high maintainability and reuse, our company adapts component modeling. In component modeling, you cannot achieve high maintainability and high recycling, if you cannot realize the components with certain vocational level in the upstream project and constitute internal system in the components with high independence. With the emergence of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture),component modeling shares more and more concern.

Modeling users

Modeling can not only benefit the system developers. Via modeling the professional work of the customers, the customers themselves can get various benefits. For example, in Japanese SOX laws (Part of the rules of Financial Instruments and Exchange Law), for purpose of internal management, the visualizing of professional work has become a necessity. It will only be possible to achieve a perfect progress from business model to system development if we apply the UML in this visualizing process.

Modeling expert team

As the modeling experts, our company has been participated in all kinds of standardization activities/ research activities of medical treatment and the next generation of EDI as well as other fields all the year round. Moreover, as member of OMG, our company actively involves in the preparation of UML related methods, meanwhile, we compile books, hold seminars as well as release the latest technology news overseas.

Examples of standardization activities / research activities

Examples of UML related books

Technologic Arts service

On basis of the accumulated professional technologies year by year, our company provides the overall solution for modeling application
※ Please see [The process in detail/UML modeling] for related training information of UML modeling.

Graph- Comprehensive auxiliary of achieving UML leading-in

Moreover, our company sells UML tool “Pattern Weaver”. Pattern Weaver is easy to operate, you can use it easily even if you do not read the manual. Also, because it can work as an Eclipse plug-in, it can be integrated into the system development environment of the customers.


Performance Introduction

Financial system

Participate in the development of loan review system, it can support the system development of component modeling from the upstream to the downstream process. The socialization and componentization which work actively can build effective systems with high maintainability. Moreover, the foreigners can communicate smoothly using UML while they participate in the project.


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