Offshore Development

Nowadays, system development requires short delivery time and low price.
The offshore agile development we provided can meet this requirement. The offshore agile development realizes short delivery time and low price through the speed advantage of agile development and the price advantage of offshore development. The offshore site is located in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam.

Why choose Vietnam?

In China's offshore development market, the annual wage increase is about 20%, which is impossible to achieve high-quality and low-cost development. We cooperate with Vietnam universities to train technical personnel and employ high-tech personnel accepting the same education as that in Japan.

Offshore Agile Project System

Work distribution of Japanese and Vietnam companies is shown as follows.
We should contact Technologic Arts Incorporated after placing the orders for important documents. Technologic Arts Incorporated should provide important documents and contact the offshore company in Vietnam, or directly contact the Japanese personnel living in Vietnam.
Offshore companies in Vietnam adopt agile program development.

Figure 1 Work distribution of Japanese companies and offshore companies

Offshore Development Support

In order to successfully achieve the offshore development, the following supports are provided.

  • Correct the offshore development which is corresponding to current development program
  • Correct the design information
  • Determine the means of communicatio
  • Determine the test methods
  • Rectify the development environment
  • Determine the development tools
  • Give instructions to offshore companies
  • Conditions (competence, etc.) of human resources

Example of Project Structure

he following project structure is the case of direct contact with the offshore company.

Example: Vietnam Company

(1 Japanese personnel + 4 Vietnamese engineers)

※There may be some changes according to the documents.
※The Japanese company should give another quotation according to the actual situation of the customers.


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