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It is a book recommended to stimulate the technical mind of everyone.
Please obtain all means advanced skills.

Hybrid agile practice

【Author】 Hanabusa Shigeo, Naka Kenji, Hiraoka Tsuguteru, Maegawa Yuusuke
【Supervised】 Nagase Yoshihide
【Supported by】 Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.
【Published by】 Ric Telecom CO., LTD
【ISBN】 978-4897979359

Agile full-scale application
Consists of the guidance and examples!
To practice in Japan as agile development of western-style, it is difficult. This book is recorded the practice reporting domestic of the actual domestic project, making it an ideal guide on to the introduction of the agile process now. It is right teaching manual for large-scale agile development.

UML2.0 for Beginner

【Author】 Technologic Arts Incorporated
【Supervised】 Nagase Yoshihide
【Published by】 Sotech CO., LTD
【ISBN】 978-4881669983

UML has appeared, more than 10 years have passed already, in the meantime, IT technology has changed a lot. Mainstream of development, has become a distributed system of Web-based, such as .NET and Java EE, mainframe, client / server. Moreover, not only a business system according to Java, system development also incorporate more and more current, with the change and middleware infrastructure such, UML is a design technique also supports IT these techniques, UML2.x becomes newly directly below. By corresponding to component design. NET and Java EE, UML2.4 can allow the design of interfaces that can not be described in UML until now. More specifically, you can design exactly the component view of the new UML2.4, the interface description that has been written by force in the class diagram. Upon revision of this time, in response to the latest UML2.4, we have added the profile diagram. In addition, you can learn the design in UML specific while using the case. Further, you can also be used as a learning for OCUP.

Agile Development Management Quick Guide

【Author】 Yuto Takahata, Hiroshi Watanabe, Technologic Arts Incorporated
【Supervised】 Nagase Yoshihide
【Published by】 Gijutsuhyoron CO., LTD
【ISBN】 978-4-7741-5610-1

Agile development is a new development methodology to respond quickly to business fast speed. It is agile development methods that had remained in the adoption of a project of small and medium scale until now, major vendors have been serious about the introduction of agile development techniques finally. For those of you going to the management of agile development from now, this book is a handy manual that summarizes in a compact point of introduction. To make the most of the benefits of agile development, it is required reading for those who want to establish quickly a development style that one step ahead.

(Agile Software Development Technical Series / Fundamentals)

【Author】 Technologic Arts Incorporated
【Supervised】 Nagase Yoshihide
【Editor】 Kawabata Takahiro
【Published by】 Tokyo Denki University Press
【ISBN】 978-4501550509

Ruby is said to be well "fun" programming language. The reason is most likely that it is a language that Ruby is likely to represent the thinking of the programmer. Ruby is designed as a complete object-oriented language from inception, it has a power of expression that can to write beautiful code is very simple.
This book has been written explanation of course is basic knowledge, as well as a description of mere syntax, but also how to write the code like Ruby and object-oriented programming.

(Agile Software Development Technical Series / Fundamentals)

【Author】 Technologic Arts Incorporated
【Supervised】 Nagase Yoshihide
【Editor】 Hamagawa Tsuyoshi, Yamashita Tomoya
【Published by】 Tokyo Denki University Press
【ISBN】 978-4501550400

This book has been written polite description in the center and grammar of Java, how to use the class library basic. By having you continue reading from Chapter 1, It consists of a series of beginner content of programming should learn first to be able to learn in order.
In addition, such as the execution of the program, it is assumed to be made from the command line, it has the form that does not depend on the particular development tool.

Agile Introduction
(Agile Software Development Technical Series / Application)

【Author】 Technologic Arts Incorporated
【Supervised】 Nagase Yoshihide
【Editor】 Shitara Hidesuke, Nakasato Makiko
【Published by】 Tokyo Denki University Press
【ISBN】 978-4501550608

This book is intended to provide a basic knowledge needed for agile, it is divided into two parts greatly. The first part that describes the agile outline, and the second part that describes how to advance agile project specific.
If you would like to organize a basic knowledge of agile development, you will continue reading from the first part, you can get a basic knowledge of the process definition of Agile. Have you read the perspective and stare the business in particular, understanding will advance more. In the second part, we have discribe, including the vital point of production that do not know just read the process definition of how to proceed the actual agile project.

The System Development Efficiency Guide by continuous integration

【Supervised】 Matsutani Maki, Nagase Yoshihide(Technologic Arts Incorporated)
【Author】 Wada Ryo, Tsujimoto Akira, Ogura Kenji
【Published by】 Gijutsuhyoron CO., LTD
【ISBN】 978-4774150833

If you are conducted processes by manual labor build and test, and deploy, you can not keep up with the speed of business.
In this book, the basic knowledge required technology to respond flexibly to changes in the "continuous integration", we will explain the CI tool transfer methods as an example Go and CruiseControl of ThoughtWorks, Inc..

Programming facebook app development in smart

【Author】 Technologic Arts Incorporated
【Supervised】 Nagata Wataru
【Published by】 Ric Telecom
【ISBN】 978-4897978864

This book contains detailed explanation in a systematic manner so that it is possible to deal with the development language variety based on the latest information, the application development a variety of ways these can be used on Facebook you can use a smartphone.
In response to Smartphone application of Android, iPhone, including the Web application, it supports a wide range of language PHP, JavaScript, Java, and C #.
In addtion, we have described in detail Graph API, FQL also is a major function.
By all means, let's create an app that is said to be "Likes" read this book.


【著作】 株式会社テクノロジックアート
【監修】 長瀬 嘉秀・中佐藤 麻記子
【出版】 技術評論社
【ISBN】 978-4774147246

本書は、大きく3つの部分で構成されています。「第1部 SysMLとは」で、SysMLがなぜ必要とされるかを解説します。「第2部 SysML入門編」では、SysMLの図ごとに章を分けて基本的な図の書き方を解説します。SysMLの基本表記である、要求図、ユースケース図、アクティビティ図、パッケージ図、ブロック定義図、内部ブロック図、シーケンス図、ステートマシン図、パラメトリック図の使い方がすぐに理解できます。「第3部 SysML実践編」では、飲料自動販売機を題材としたモデリング例を紹介しています。

Team Foundation Server 入門

【著作】 株式会社テクノロジックアート
【監修】 長瀬 嘉秀・山下 智也
【出版】 技術評論社
【ISBN】 978-4774146089

Team Foundation Sever(TFS)は、Microsoft社が提供するチーム開発プラットフォームです。チームによるソフトウェア開発に必須のバグ・タスク管理機能、バージョン管理機能、自動ビルド機能、テスト機能などが1つのパッケージになっています。現代の短納期かつ高速なソフトウェア開発には不可欠なツールです。


【著作】 株式会社テクノロジックアート
【監修】 長瀬 嘉秀・町田 修一
【出版】 技術評論社
【ISBN】 978-4774144368



【著作】 株式会社テクノロジックアート
【監修】 長瀬 嘉秀、設楽 秀輔
【出版】 技術評論社
【ISBN】 978-4774140124

本書ではアジャイル開発のプロジェクトマネジメント手法として評価の高いスクラムを用いた、大規模開発にも適用可能な実践的なアジャイル開発の進め方を解説します。マネジメントツールにはスクラムを強力にサポートする機能を持つIBM Rational Team Concertを使用しております。

iPhone SDK Programming Manual

【著作】 株式会社テクノロジックアート
【出版】 ソーテック社
【ISBN】 978-4881666654

iPhone SDKプログラミングの本が登場です。
本書はiPhoneアプリケーションの開発に必要なiPhone SDKの入手方法やインストール方法から、XcodeやInterface Builderの基本的な使い方、iPhoneアプリケーションのプログラミング方法等が収録されており、iPhoneアプリケーション作成に必要な知識が習得できる一冊となっております。


【著作】 株式会社テクノロジックアート
【監修】 長瀬 嘉秀
【出版】 株式会社翔泳社
【ISBN】 4-79811-785-4


独習UML 第4版

【著作】 株式会社テクノロジックアート
【監修】 長瀬 嘉秀、橋本 大輔
【出版】 株式会社翔泳社
【ISBN】 4-79811-854-0



【著作】 ケント・ベック
【出版】 ピアソン・エデュケーション
【ISBN】 4-89471-287-4


UMLモデリング教科書 UMLモデリングL1 第2版

【著作】 株式会社テクノロジックアート
【出版】 翔泳社
【ISBN】 978-4798117317