Vietnam Software Development Conference

Technologic Arts Incorporated

We will hold Vietnam Software Development Conference on February 25th, 2014.

We established a local corporation 2 years ago while many Japanese companies expanded their business to Vietnam. We are finally back on track after having been facing various problems and tasks.

In this conference, we will talk about our experience which is followed by “Vietnam Offshore Development Seminar” that was held last year. This event is cooperated by Evolable Asia, and their CTO will deliver useful information about development in Vietnam. Furthermore, we will make a session for panel discussion where the topics of fascination, strength, disadvantages and cultural background of the software development in Vietnam will be brought up, while discussing on how to tackle a task. We hope this will give you a better understanding for developing software in Vietnam.

We await for your participation.


Title Vietnam Software Development Conference
〜Vietnam Offshore Development with rapid growth〜
Date 13:40〜16:45 (reception from 13:20) February 25th 2014
Venue Yoyogi Seminar Room Grand conference foom 4F
Maximum attendees 60
Fee Complimentary / Registration is required
Targeted Participants For Participants who are ( will be ) involved or interested in
・ Offshore development
・ Offshore projects
・ Placing order to Vietnam
・ Achieving low-cost-development
・ Utilizing human resource in Vietnam
・ Agile development
・ Project management
Organizer Technologic Arts Incorporated
Evolable Asia
Offshore College
Collaborator Peak 1


13:20~ Reception
13:40 Opening
13:45~14:15 Agile development in Vietnam

Yoshihide Nagase
CEO of Technologic Arts Incorporated

Summary:Coming Soon
14:15~14:55 Vietnam offshore development from zero
〜A subject of Film “Zero/ Gravity” 〜

Shinichi Fujita
CTO of Evolable Asia

“I took film “Zero Gravity” as the textbook for offshore development and it turned out to be a useful textbook for Introduction to Offshore Development (from beginner to senior).
14:55~15:05 Break (10 minutes)

Tsukasa Kochi
President of Ai Coach (Offshore College)

15:35~15:45 Break (10 minutes)
15:45~16:45 Panel discussion / Q&A
17:00 Colse



Period for Register
January 29th 2014 – February 24th 2014 (till 17:00)

※Regarding Cancelation :
For cancelation, please contact us in advance by all means due to the limited seats for reservation.

Lecturer Profile

Executive officer CTO of Avolable Asia
Shinichi Fujida

Born in 1971, Shinichi started computer programming since his teens. He joined CAC Corporation in 1995 ( the 1st section of Tokyo Stock Exchange 4725 ) after having graduated from Waseda University, specializing in philosophy.
1999- CTO of AOL Japan
2004- CEO and director of his own companies
2008- Appointed as an executive officer to Dejipa Corporation for new business development
In Dejipa corporation, Shinichi went to Ho Chi Minh City and established Dejipa Vietnam all by his own in 2008. He became the CEO of the local corporation after acquiring the investment license. After selling the Dejipa Vietnam later on, he moved to the buyer side and built up the offshore development center with approximately 150 people.
2012- Appointed as executive officer CTO to Capital Journey ( current name Avolable Asia)
2013- executive officer CTO of Avolable Asia

(Offshore College) CEO of Ai-Coach Inc.
Tsukasa Kochi

Born in Okinawa, Tsukasa graduated from the graduate school of Kyushu University, has been running a leading offshore development management consulting firm in Japan. He earned a high reputation by the global engineer training program which had been announced ahead of the industry and its practical and descriptive case studies obtained a high evaluation. From 2007, he has been presiding over an offshore development professional training institution so called “Offshore College”.

1996- Joined Ricoh Co., Ltd., engaged in the research and development of image recognition technology
2000- Manager of a China outsourcing company
2003- Established Ai Coach Corporation, appointed as CEO
2006- A part-time lecturer of University of Ryukyu
2007- Established Offshore College
2008- Authored “How to fail offshore development” ( Soft Research Center)
2009- Co-authored “Offshore Project Management 2009 Edition [ SE ] [PM ]” with Gijyutsuhyoronsha
2010- Co-authered “Quality of SE” with Gijyutsuhyoronsha
2013 Established Japan growth strategy Promotion Center

CEO of Technologic Arts Inc.
Yoshihide Nagase

Graduated from Tokyo University of Science, specializing in Applied Mathematics, Yoshi founded Technologic Arts Inc. in 1989 after working at Asahi Shimbun. He has been promoting the open system of DCE (Distributed Computing Environment) as a technical consultant of OSF (OPEN Software Foundation). Currently he serves as the Chair of OSF Japanese Vendors Council DCE Technical Review Committee, CEO of Technologic Arts Inc., as well as the cosponsor of the UML Profile for EDOC, member of ISO/IECJTC1 SC32/WG2 committee, auditor of UML modeling Promotion Council (UMTP), lecturer of Meisei University. Yoshi also served China Zhejiang University as a visiting professor.



【Author】 Tsukasa Kochi, Hiroyuki Shimoda
【Supervision】 Yoshihiro Kitajima, Katsunori Kurata
【Publication】 Gijutsuhyoronsha
【ISBN】 978-4-7741-4003-2

【Author】 Tsukasa Kochi, Hiroyuki Shimoda
【Supervision】 Yoshihiro Kitajima, Katsunori Kurata
【Publication】 Gijutsuhyoronsha
【ISBN】 978-4-7741-3836-7


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