Message from President

Provide everyone with the combination of world-class technologies and high quality.

The Internet-centric IT technology development is extremely rapid while the IT system development is relatively slow.

Especially in Japan, there are still many systems based on the main framework. Even when the object-oriented programming language - Java is adopted, non-object-oriented development methodology can be found everywhere. It is Japanese people's advantage to adopt new methods for different use in the tasks, but it's also the truth that Japan fails to catch up with the rapid development of the world's system development technologies.

When we look out at other Asian countries, we can find that India has mastered system development technologies which are far more advanced than those of Japan, followed by Vietnam. In China, the combination of Japanese offshore development method and domestic system development method has not yet been unified.

Under such circumstances, instead of adopting Japanese approach with a strong color of the past, our Company takes the lead in introducing world-class methods with cutting-edge technologies. What's more, we make these methods more in line with Japan's national conditions through improvement, thus achieving positive balance between the progressiveness of western technologies and the reliability of Japanese technologies.

In the future, we decide to focus on UML, component development technologies, agile development and other world standard development approaches as our main methods to carry out business. Then, we will present our results to the world. Making contribution to the society is what we sincerely hope.

Technologic Arts Incorporated
President Nagase Yoshihide