About Processing of Personal Information

“About processing of personal information”, Technologic Arts Incorporated is targeted on the used personal information to establish the basic policy about personal information after collecting information.

As an enterprise of processing personal information, the company has established the following “Protection Policy of Personal Information”, and complies with the relevant laws and regulations regarding the personal information protection and “About Processing of Personal Information”, when processing personal information(namely related personal information, including name, date of birth and other description to help recognize special figures ).

Company Name

Technologic Arts Incorporated
President Nagase Yoshihide

Administrator of personal information protection

General Affairs Department Tatesawa Yoshio

About the purpose of use

On the basis of regulating the purpose of use at the most extent, we will use personal information within the following use purposes unless we get prior consent from the party or are required by the relevant laws and regulations of personal information protection to process otherwise.

  • When providing the consultation of UML, agile development and information service or providing commodities and services about businesses of system development, maintenance and application for the clients./li>
  • When providing commodities and services for the members of training and seminar as well as Pakage clients on the list
  • Contractual relationship management with dealers
  • Necessary contacts or negotiations regarding business
  • Resume: the information about age, support, etc. regarding human resources & treatment
  • Medical certificate: management of health information according to Labor Safety and Health Act
  • Ability sheet: the information about the dispatching situation of signed employees, qualification of use and years of experience
  • Passport: the information for applying the overseas travel insurance

About the provision to a third party

The obtained personal information shall not be provided or disclosed to any third party for inconformity with any one the following conditions.

  • In case of the consent of the party
  • In case of the necessity to protect the party’s personal safety or property where it is hard to obtain the party’s consent
  • In case the party is intended to disclose or provide information according to other regulations

About entrustment

Entrust a part of the businesses to an agent, who is entrusted to process personal information to some extent. In this case, manage properly in compliance with relevant laws and regulations and the criterion specified by the company.

About disclose, modification and disabling of registered content

To the extent of not hindering the proper completion of business, personal information can be disclosed to the party upon application. In this case, verify the party according to the specified methods.
In case of any non-compliance of the personal information disclosed by the party with any fact, it shall be modified immediately. In addition, stop using immediately upon the application of disabling personal information by the party.

Randomness and influence

It is decided by the party’s intention whether need the company to provide personal information. However, no service shall be accepted in case of non-provision of any necessary item.

About safety of website

When registering customer information on-line, the safety measure of data encryption technique called SSL will be used in case of network wiretapping. In addition, no cookies will be used.

※SSL:Secure Sockets Layer is a general technique of the safety measure of network communication, by which any input data transmitted to the network will be encrypted in case of wiretapping.

The personal information shall be managed with great care, as it is impossible to fully protect the confidentiality of personal information for the website or e-mail due to their features.

Made on August 1, 2009
Updated on November 29, 2013
Technologic Arts Incorporated
President Nagase Yoshihide

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Technologic Arts Incorporated
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Administrator of personal information protection Tatesawa Yoshio