Protection Policy of Personal Information

Technologic Arts Incorporated covers the businesses about the system consultation, development and application with UML and agile development, carrying out training education, selling UML kit and the production and application of Web catalogues, etc. As an enterprise dealing with these businesses, we are often exposed to the personal information and confidential information of our principal customers, thus, we consider the proper processing of information as the company’s social responsibility and obligation.

Especially, regarding the personal information which can be identified, we declare to execute and maintain the matters specified as follows.

  1. Try to reduce the application range of information when obtaining personal information, and further, request personal information to the minimum extent.
  2. In case the personal information is requested in writing directly by the party, it is required to obtain the personal information to the necessary extent on the basis of informing the other party of the company’s name, the name and contact information of the administrator of personal information protection, purposes of use and other information.
  3. The use of personal information shall be conducted within the purposes of use agreed by the party.
    In addition, we will establish and execute the procedures with necessary strategies in case of other application other than these purposes.
  4. The owned personal information shall be managed with appropriate methods and shall not be disclosed to or provided for any third party without the prior consent of the relevant party.
  5. Perform correct and latest management to the necessary extent according intended uses of the owned personal information. Take reasonable preventive safety measures and try to rectify any leakage or loss of or damage to personal information.
  6. In case the processing of personal information is entrusted to an external unit, stipulate the obligations of non-disclosing or provision for any third party through a contract, so as to execute appropriate management.
  7. information, in case you are intended to disclose your own information, please contact us through the consulting windows of the company and we will respond as soon as possible.
    In addition, in case of any false information of the disclosed result or the necessity to amend or delete, we will respond as soon as possible.
  8. For the owned personal information, in case the parties refuse to provide their own information to any third party, please contact us through the consulting windows of the company and we will respond as soon as possible.
  9. Regarding any opinion and discussion about the owned information, please contact us through the consulting windows of the company and we will respond as soon as possible.
  10. We will comply with the relevant laws, national regulations and policies and other rules applicable to the owned personal information.
  11. Establish the management system of personal information protection and review it regularly for continuous improvement.

Made on August 1, 2009
Updated on January 22, 2010
Technologic Arts Incorporated
President Nagase Yoshihide

Consultation about management of personal information

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Acceptance of complaint: administrator of personal information protection management(Tatesawa Yoshio)