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Technologic Arts Incorporated.
CEO Yoshihide Nagase

We are pleased to announce a collaborative partnership with TMA Solutions (111 Nguyen Dinh Chinh Street, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam), the largest software outsourcing company in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, at where there are 1,500+ talented engineers. This partnership will allow us to bring more offshore development projects from the Japanese leading companies to Vietnam.


System development requires shorter delivery circles and lower cost nowadays. Since the annual wages in China have soared in the past few years, high-quality service with low cost will become more and more difficult to practice. Among the top 10 offshore destinations in the world, Vietnam is one of the places where offers high quality developers, a favorable business environment and cost effective solutions. Vietnam offshore development center providers like TMA Solutions, is equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure, young and talented software developers. With such a favorable environment and rich human resource, we would like to provide a better full-range solutions to our customers to help our customers shift projects to Vietnam successfully.

About TMA Solutions

TMA Solutions has been providing quality software outsourcing services to worldwide clients since 1997. Their engineering team is selected from a large pool of Vietnam IT resources and its abilities have been proven in many successful projects.

We, Technologic Arts Inc. set up an engineering team in Ho Chi Minh city 2 years ago and have succeeded in several big scaled Agile projects. With the strength in collaboration with TMA Solutions, we will be able to have a more stable and robust workforce.

Future Collaboration

The Tie-up with TMA Solutions is going to be a long-term relationship. We will refer clients and bring projects from Japan to TMA Solutions. In the mean time, based on the customer’s resource requirements, we will build a dedicated team in TMA that the size can be adjustable. This model will make the R&D works and task assignments more stable, flexible and productive.


"I hope this high level collaborative relationship will draw more attentions from Japanese clients. Our partnering with TMA Solutions will accelerate time-to-market and reduce development cost. ”said Yoshihide Nagase, CEO of Technologic Art Inc.. “Our team have both experience in Waterfall and Agile development process, and now we are engaged in Hybrid Agile development process which is struck in a favorable balance between Agile and Waterfall. Expanding outsourcing workforce through partnership will enable us to reach a significant milestone in practicing Hybrid Agile in Vietnam for most offshore projects."


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